Postdoctoral Affairs


Eligibility for benefits is determined by a postdoc’s classification which is based on the funding source. Most full-time postdocs at Brown are eligible to participate in the University's medical and dental plans, though the payment structure varies with the type of postdoctoral position.

In addition, Brown is committed to paying its postdocs an equitable wage, which is based on the NIH NRSA stipend recommendations. Additional information on benefits can be found on the menu of this page. If you have specific questions, please find the postdoctoral contact in your division here and get in touch with them.


Understanding Your Benefits

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Postdoctoral research associates are Brown employees with full benefits (as long as they are full-time). University Human Resources maintains information on Brown's health and dental policies, retirement accounts, and other employee benefits. Postdoctoral research associates are eligible for all staff employment programs and discounts

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Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral fellows are funded through the NIH NRSA or an external fellowship and are in residence at Brown to conduct research and training. They are paid a stipend directly by the external funding source and are not considered Brown employees. However, they are fully affiliated with the University. Because they are not Brown employees, postdoctoral fellows are not eligible for all benefits. Fellows that are paid through Brown may choose to participate in the University health plan and typically are provided with a salary supplement to help offset the cost of health insurance (at the discretion of their PI). Some PIs may also provide an additional salary supplement to offset the loss of other benefits. 

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