Postdoctoral Affairs



A collection of funding opportunities for postdocs and graduate students.
The Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship program identifies promising PhD graduates from underrepresented groups and/or those who have demonstrated support for underrepresented groups through their teaching and research to spend up to two years at Brown.
The Dean’s Postdoctoral Diversity Fellowship is a two-year research fellowship that was established by the Division of Biology and Medicine at Brown University to help grow, support, and retain a diverse scientific workforce. The fellowship program prepares scientists from groups historically underrepresented in the basic, biomedical, and behavioral sciences for careers in academia and other sectors.
Brown University’s Division of Biology and Medicine is proud to support pre and postdoctoral trainees in a wide range of studies through federally-funded training grants. These training programs are committed to building diversity and providing the resources necessary to help advance trainees in their field.
This database provides a broad range of funding opportunities from federal, governmental, international, private and corporate funders. You can find a link to it about halfway down this page on the website of the Office of Foundation Relations along with instructions for accessing SPIN.


English Language Support

English Language Workshops: Academic Writing (Self-Paced)

This guided series provides considerations and strategies to help writers communicate clearly when using English for academic purposes.

Enrolling in or Auditing a Course at Brown

Please note, postdoctoral appointees at Brown are not eligible for the Employee Education Program (EEP)

Postdoctoral appointees who wish to enroll in or audit a graduate-level course at Brown must be admitted to the Graduate School as a non-degree (postdoctoral) student. Tuition for each course will be charged, and it is important to note that some master's programs have different tuition rates. Please review the information in the Graduate School Handbook about the non-degree (postdoctoral) student process. Please note, according to the Graduate School, there is no difference to this process whether a postdoctoral appointee is auditing or receiving a grade.

Postdoctoral appointees may also want to review options for "vagabond status" with the Office of the Registrar. Vagabonding is to informally sit in on a class with an instructor's permission without receiving credit. Please click here and scroll down to "Visitors to Brown Classes" for more information.

Postdoctoral appointees who wish to enroll in an undergraduate-level course at Brown as a non-degree student should contact the Registrar's Office.

Last updated: November 9, 2023.