Postdoctoral Affairs

2023 Postdoctoral Excellence Awards Recipients

The Office of University Postdoctoral Affairs (OUPA) is pleased to announce the 2023 recipients of the Brown Postdoctoral Excellence Awards. Please join us in congratulating this year's recipients!
The Postdoctoral Excellence Awards annually recognize three postdoctoral scholars who demonstrate excellence in research or teaching and go above and beyond to create an inclusive environment for postdoctoral trainees at Brown. The awards are sponsored by OUPA, and nominations were welcomed from all members of the Brown community. 

A committee of faculty members selected the award recipients from 73 nominations submitted by members of the Brown community. The selection committee was very impressed by the caliber and contributions of those nominated.

Thank you to everyone who nominated postdoctoral scholars from our community.


Ash AlpertResearch and/or Teaching Award
Ash Alpert, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow

Health Services, Policy & Practice (HSPP), School of Public Health

From their nomination:
"[Ash has] published eleven peer-reviewed journal articles during their time in our fellowship, through a combination of previously initiated studies and new studies with colleagues at Brown University. Furthermore, they have participated in an impressive fourteen invited presentations, including a Sexual & Gender Minority panel for National Institutes of Health Fellows and a talk for the National Cancer Institute on barriers to care for transgender people with cancer. They have another four invited presentations already scheduled for 2023. It is rare to see a postdoctoral fellow with scholarship that has already had such a strong bearing on clinical practice, and this is why I nominate Dr. Ash Alpert for the Postdoctoral Excellence Award in research scholarship.”


Bethan Littlefield ColquhounResearch and/or Teaching Award
Bethan Littleford-Colquhoun, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Associate

Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology and Institute at Brown for Environment and Society, Division of Biology and Medicine

From her nomination:
"Beth’s scientific research is world-class. She is developing cutting-edge CRISPR-based techniques that are poised to become foundational tools in the fields of molecular ecology, food web ecology, and conservation biology. While other research wunderkinds sequester themselves, Beth has done just the opposite; she is the linchpin of the Kartzinel lab. She has expertly mentored numerous graduate and undergraduate students in the lab, but her standout achievement was in BIOL1515/2015 last Fall where she masterfully blended cutting-edge science research with creative learn-by-doing pedagogy. Beth gave those students access to authentic and impactful research experiences in the classroom that are wholly unique. I have no doubt that every undergrad from that class that goes on to a career in science will point to that semester as a pivotal experience.”


Natale D'SilvaCommunity Award
Natalie D’Silva, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Associate

Department of Medicine, Division of Biology and Medicine

From her nomination:
"Natalie is an integral part of the Brown Postdoc Council (BPC). She started out as a general member in 2020 when she helped draft a survey of postdoc needs during the pandemic. Following the survey, she found that there was a need for increased support for international postdocs and successfully petitioned the BPC to create an international postdoc-focused leadership role. She joined the BPC as the International Postdoc Representative in 2021, and passionately advocated for postdocs within the university. During that time, she also forged an ongoing relationship between the BPC and the International House of Rhode Island, providing a place for postdocs to socialize with each other as well as the international community at large. Natalie was elected Co-President of the BPC in 2022, continuing her mission to serve and advocate for postdocs at Brown and Brown-affiliated institutions.”